Timeless Audrey

just a ramble


rushing with hectic pace of life
scenery out side my window flying by
I need to slow down
need to rest

Life wont stop
it just keeps moving
never ceasing
ever flowing

in a disray
i run along
keeping pace
the winds of change against my face

mental fatigue
soul is aging ever fast
with the time that quickly passed
cant keep up I loose my grip

my moments starts to slip
life is moving
passing me by
now I stop just to close my eyes

take a breath
time to slow
time to live

the world still spins in hectic time
but the weight is lifted off my mind
I see the things that passed me by
Now I am living my own life
Timeless Audrey

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Dear Sir

Dear Sir,

Did you know I loved you once?
Now here I am the lovers dunce.
Did you know I loved you more than the air I breath?
Now here I am suffocating.
Did you know my hearts in pieces from your broken vows?
Here I am all alone and I am wondering how.
How it is you couldnt see
All the love you got from me
How you could just walk away
Leaving me the one to pay.
How you went from my lover to this man so cold.
I just hope you lonely now with out some one to hold.
Me?  I am here. In this world..No longer do I hide.
When you left you shattered me. Or at least my pride.
Now I am an independent woman. I will not be denied...
I dont need you any more. NO longer do I cry.
Some where out here I know I will find just the perfect guy.
So take to heart the words I say.
Because I know one day,
You will be thinking and missing me.
No longer wanting to be free.
But dont come here looking
Wallow in your misery.
Thats what you had left for me.
I wont need you any more
I found something worth living for.
just remember you got your wish, you wanted to be free...

Love, Me..

Timeless Audrey

Ah, surely nothing dies but something mourns.

So here is this thing that i wrote......I dont how much i like it....Right now I am in a "I do...no, wait I dont" state of mind over this...Its supposed to be some song lyrics. Wish I could write the music so i could find a way to put it together and finish the product then may be i could make up my mind... I need to meet a cute mucician....he he he...that likes to write music......hmmmm???okay anyone wanna wrap one of those up and send it to me for my birthday........that would be great.........any way........

     I have started writting a little kids story too, but I dont know how well it will turn out....but try try again right...............

     I am still alive and still doing what I do best...so comment comment comment please.....be kinds...dont totally destoy me though...lol...

Hugs all



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Timeless Audrey

Another couple of poems

Getting Over You

Occasionally you creep to thought
when your memory wont be fought
I think about you less each day
yet i know youll never go away

I live my life with purpose
hoping you will not surface
feeling needed loved and wanted

this is me getting over you
i will live if its the last thing i do
you will always have my love
but a memory is not enough


I was dying drowning in despair
suffocating needing air
Your love gave me life then took it way
My world went from black to a dark shade of grey

come back to the light
Surrender the night
I am a survivor I will live again
I can make new memories, now is the time to begin

No longer the waking living dead
Trapped in past, locked in my head
breathing in my new self
finding happiness, and good mental health

The pain of us no longer so great
No longer am I here liying in wait
Hopin you might come to give me life
Tell me you want me again for your wife

I dont need your acceptance yourlove or you
I am a survivor I made it through.



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 Broken but Beautiful

Broken but strong..don't you see?
That is what you are..to me.
You fall down, only to pick yourself up.
You fill my heart full...all the way up.
You cry and you scream, you starve yourself lean.
While I die inside to ease your sweet mind.
I wish I could be your shoulder (to cry on).
I wish I knew what to say, to ease all your pain and take it away.
You're broken but beautiful, a heart never lies.
You soar like an eagle...when others would just die.
You rise from your ashes like a Pheonix at first dawn.
The fire in your heart..it burns on and on.
The fierceness in your eyes and the strength within your soul,
you keep it altogether, when the truth need be told.
It's not your fault, so spare your heart,
you couldn't have known this would be your part.
To be wounded so deeply...I understand you see...
because what happened to you...happened to me.
I hope  you understand, I hope you see,
that your heart is beautiful to me!

Written and dedicated to a friend...in Israel

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Timeless Audrey

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Starting Over

I spread my wings yesterday,
Then I gracefully flew away.
Away from all the pain, and tears
Looking down I faced my fears.

Afraid to fall from so very high,
Afraid that something inside me died.
I live again no longer am I a tortured spirit
I laugh again no longer quiet

I move on to the morrows sun
Knowing that my new life has just begun.
Not waiting here for someones hand to lead me out of night,
I have found my way and I am moving to the light...

So here I am free at last
No longer held by chains of my past.
Breaking the cycle of despair
Here I am floating on air,
Timeless Audrey

Your Voice

I heard your voice today
But it was so far away
I thought that I was over you
I thought that I had come to realize we were through

The pain itcaused ripped through my heart
Tha a word from your lips could tear me apart
Oh sweet fate or destiny
Grant this favor for me~

Let not a sound escape his lips, or fall upon my ears.
Beacause my hearts already broken, and my eyes can sry no more tears...